I thought I was the only one who had ever hated the social network; Facebook. Trust me I have been made fun of hating the social network and even more so now that I blog about it. There is something in me that always says I mustn’t trust it too much and I guess many share the same view, at least Kevin Pollak fears the same, he loves Twitter but to him the F for Facebook instills Fear in him.

Why so? I guess Kevin has the best explanation for that, but in my opinion its because that you share an awful lot about yourself on the social network where as on Twitter its more about links of things you like and love to share about. So what anyone on the Web can learn the most about you through Twitter is your behavior, since it consists minimum information about yourself. head over to Facebook, it is an advertiser’s heaven where it can learn your:

  • Behavior on the platform
  • The information about yourself
  • Information about friends: their pictures, videos, etc.

Plus the recent shaping of things where the social network finds user information to be the guinea pig to test privacy policies. While you wont mind sharing your information if you don’t know how valuable it could be, but for people who are serious about sharing anything, Facebook’s new privacy options are a big enough threat to give them bad dreams.

Do you fear Facebook too? Why?