image thumb27 Do You Facebook 24/7?

Are you one of those who is found socializing even when you are on bed all set to sleep? Well you can’t really blame anyone except for the advancing technology and the massive strides in the social networking scene, primarily Twitter and Facebook. I would agree with this without a doubt, I mean I personally stick around updating my status on either of the social networks thanks to the smartphones so many of us are equipped with.

As per the current reports, as many as 48% of the 1,000 people in a study agreed that they do check their social networks even when they have decided to shut down their systems and call in a day. The study results were quite, well disturbing to be honest, especially the figures that as many as 7% of users wont mind not being intimate with their lovers to check a status update. Now the percentage maybe small, but if anyone can quit that for social network, that too only a status update, quitting sleep isn’t that big an ask.

This brings me to another interesting aspect, the growing cause of Internet addiction is raging wild and people do find it impossible to resist being online. I bet if you happen to anyone who suffers from the same love for the social networks, know that there needs to be a checkup if they are addicted and need attention.