image thumb20 Diva raises VC Funding for B2B Publishing Diva AG, a Zurich based developer of B2B publishing platform for digital media assets from Creathor Ventures. Diva distributes independent movies, TV series and documentaries to international video on demand platforms. Movie producers and sales organizations value Diva’s service, which includes the digitization of media assets, sales and distribution as well as transparent reporting. Diva’s proprietary Daedalum platform handles content normalization, encoding, metadata management, content management and aggregated reporting through an online dashboard.

Diva’s Managing Director, Kai Henniges, on Creathor’s commitment: “We are glad to have Creathor Venture on board as they have deep roots in digital commerce. Diva will now expand its operations to Asia and North America and establish itself as the leading aggregator of independently produced contents.”

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