disneylogo Disney to show movies online for Free The Prime TV show hosted by Walt Disney himself, “The Wonderful World of Disney�?, is off at making big as Disney.com plans to stream full-length movies online.

This is the first time Disney.com has made such a plan and films will be aired o TV, Disney owned ABC network’s weekly “The Wonderful World of Disney�? program, Saturday nights during summers, with advertisements paying in for the free availability.

He list of movies to shown include hits like, “Monsters, Inc and Finding Nemo,�? not only that, there is a whole lot, including family comedies like “Princess Diaries 2.�?

Disney has been in business far longer than our grandparents, entertaining generations with quality entertainment and yet again it has come up with plans to do what Disney does best, provide entertainment.

Disney also plans to show Disney Channel original movie, “Camp Rock�? on June 23, after its premiere on June 20.

The content it plans to show during the summers is currently unavailable for visitors outside the US (sadly), will it be open for every one across the globe? We will leave that for the moment.

The plan goes online from June 13 and the schedule is given below;

  • “Finding Nemo�? available now online through June 13
  • “Monsters, Inc.�? – airs, June 14 on ABC at 8 p.m; on Disney.com, June 16-20
  • “Haunted Mansion�? – Airs June 28 at 8pm on ABC; on Disney.com, June 30 to July 4
  • “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen�? – airs on July 5 at 8 p.m on ABC; on Disney.com July 7-11
  • “Princess Diaries 2�? – on ABC July 12 at 8 p.m.; available on Disney.com July 14-18
  • “Freaky Friday�? – airs on ABC July 19 at 8 p.m.; available on Disney.com July 21-25
  • “Peter Pan�? – airs on ABC Aug. 2 at 8 p.m.; available on Disney.com Aug. 4-8