image thumb14 Digital Books Coming In July With Google Editions

Maybe I have been out of touch with Google Books but if I recall correctly the last time I reported about this was about Lawsuit, signing deal with CoolerBooks and that’s it. Today the news broke out that the search engine is just beginning to step into books this summer. The search giant will go head on into the battle of Digital Books against the well set Barnes & Noble Inc., Amazon and Apple. This is set to happen by July this year.

With Google, users will have the privilege to read books across numerous sites and more importantly have support multiple devices. This will be made possible with Google Editions the new service it will be launching to act as a platform to purchase copies, find books with its search. Apart from that it will also enable retailers to make sales using Editions right from their own sites.

Why Is Google Doing This?

The idea as always is to step into the mainstream business in any category. Users purchase books worth millions online and there is no reason why Google shouldn’t step into the business. Other than that Google has a massive library of books that are no more printed, if the Google Editions does start making sales by July and the Digital Book Settlement with publishers and authors is ruled in favor of Google, there is a lot of profit Google is going to make. For itself and to authors and publishers as well.