facebook digg logo thumb ‘Digg’ makes an announcement on ‘Facebook Connect’You may have heard rumors related to Digg’s probable acquisition by Google. Though the rumor proved wrong, which we have mentioned in our last post. Now Digg’s founder Kevin Rose has announced the service’s integration with ‘Facebook Connect’.

The new service, which was uncovered at Facebook’s f8 conference yesterday, lets you share stuff with the third party sites using Facebook account. If you have a Facebook account, you can very easily become a Digg client, using the new ‘Facebook Connect’ service. Mini-Feed on the social network will show you the stories you have dugg.

On the new ‘Facebook Connect’ feature, the social network founder said:

This feature will allow anyone who currently uses Facebook to seamlessly become a Digg user and start sharing and Digging stuff right away.

Furthermore Kevin said:

Facebook Connect is a key step in Digg’s effort to extend the Digg experience across the social graph. Look out for more upcoming features that further our commitment to the openness and transparency of user data and in providing you more control over your data.

digg on facebook thumb ‘Digg’ makes an announcement on ‘Facebook Connect’

Image Source: VentureBeat

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