image11 DestructMessage: Write, send, read and self destruct messages Privacy plays a vital role over the web and what could be more helpful than having something that can erase all signs of a message being sent or received. We had earlier reviewed a similar service named Privnote and it offered the same service though it relied on a link that once hit could not be viewed again. Self Destructing Message is another ‘destroy when viewed message’ creator to help you maintain privacy.

There is no rocket science involved in it and the destruction of message doesn’t take place with kaboom, it’s noiseless compared to the noise my keyboard makes as I type these very words!

It’s easy; just select the method you need to create the destructible message with. You can either generate a link, and this can be sent directly via messenger and once the link opens, the counter for the destruct sequence is initiated. The other method is simply to use the email method; this lets you compose a message select the duration you need it to appear before being destroyed and enter the email where it has to be directed.

image thumb13 DestructMessage: Write, send, read and self destruct messages

Now this is an easy way to get rid of messages, so cleanly! I mean what if terrorists make use of this technology and build a self destruct message that destroys the …………….machine?