image thumb77 Dave Morin Takes A Bow From Facebook To Begin A Startup

Being one of Facebook’s key player since launch of the Facebook  Platform, Dave Morin on Friday announced his departure from the social network. Dave plans to team up with Napster founder, Shawn Fanning tot begin a new startup. A big hit for Facebook given that the man has been the key man to create the developer community for the platform.

While the loss is big for sure but that is exactly what Mark Zuckerberg had been talking about; inculcating the spirit of entrepreneurship from those holding key positions in the social network. I personally think this is a good move as many a firms upon reaching the point like Facebook has, get less innovative, there is excessive development for sure, but the thrill of growing from zero to a solid position is not there. Also these people can add more value to the Web by teaming up with the like minded and bringing up a winning band on the scene creating more opportunities for everyone. The move, as said previously must have sent a jolt in the ranks of Facebook, since Dave was also the one who made more public appearances for the social network. However it will prove good for the industry overall and we might just have another brilliant idea soon. We wish you best of luck for your new venture Dave.