image thumb48 Cubic Literals: A One Stop Destination For Students And Graduates Seeking Free Lance Jobs

What is one thing that a student or a fresh graduate want? A decent job or an effective way to utilize time at hand to earn some money. Freelance opportunities is definitely the top priority as you aren’t bound to give a 24/7 of your time and secondly it serves as a good second to make money. And I guess with all the boom in online opportunities this has become quite a norm. You can blog, you can do programming, create websites and what not. But the issue is where and how to find one? I am not sure about all the options but Cubic Literals is a startup where talented students or graduates can find and avail a free lance opportunity.

Cubic Literals is still in beta and you sign up to get notified about launch. The startup plans to provide free lance opportunity seekers a platform to learn more about these opportunities before applying for one. I guess that serves the purpose quite rightly as it removes the need for such seekers to randomly apply for any job listed. The employers can likewise leverage the platform to discover and hire the right talent.

image thumb49 Cubic Literals: A One Stop Destination For Students And Graduates Seeking Free Lance Jobs

I recently reviewed another startup by the name of Jobspirate that was quite similar and Cubic literals qualifies to be a job search portal in my opinion. I would suggest Cubic Literals to make a solid entry with a particular focus on one region, lets say in India and concentrate their efforts in a more localized way. With this the entire management of employers and employees will not be a nightmare and job seekers will know that Cubic Literals is the place where they need to spending time if they are to find a talent in a certain locality.

The website will be up by 30 January,2011 and it’s in its developing stage. Also the website blog will be up before 25th of December, 2010. We are launching several contests soon and so need a lot of students/employers to participate.

Some information about the startup:

Location: Goa,India

Team and respective positions:

  • Tushar Handa- Co-founder, Operations and Executive Head
  • Sahil Jadon – Co-founder, Technical Head
  • Pooja Naik- Co-founder, Marketing Head


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