image thumb26 Creating a Website? What To Know Before Opting For A Web Hosting Service

One of the major problems that many people who plan to have an online presence have that of finding the right Web Hosting Service for their website, portal or a blog. Now there is a plethora of services providing you these service packaged to best suit your needs, but it is you who needs to understand what exactly you want from these and how do you intend to leverage the same. Factors like cost of hosting, storage, security, etc are but a few of the many features you look forward to.

I just thought about sharing a few essential features that you need to keep in mind before opting for a hosting service:

Security and Reliability: Now for many this could come down to the third preference in the checklist but it should be at the top. Lets say you are hosting an ecommerce site, users need to have their trust won over. A single negative comment from a single user will lend you in hot waters and down you go. This also involves reliability of your host. A surge I traffic should at no cost have your user seeing the Site not available error, the minute this appears, you have lost what could have been a potential client.

Storage: Often a client would opt for the cheapest and most basic of packages offered by the Web Hosting service provider. While this works for very basic websites, you as the product owner know what amount of storage space you require. Hence coming to the basic always keep your usage in mind, if it’s a media rich website that has lots of pictures and videos, you know that you require a lot of hosting space instead of the basic 10GB, 1 email, hosting package.

Pricing Plans: The most expensive is the best! Not really, there is a plethora of web hosting services out there offering you a ton of packages with best service and half the price. Do your research, the lesser known web hosting service can provide you with excellent support services without the need of you paying extra. Not that the expensive ones don’t offer this, just that you need to keep pricing in mind. Cheap wont hurt, would it?

Operating System of your Host: Primarily you have UNIX and Windows web hosting platforms. Each has its own set of benefits, like the UNIX based systems can very efficiently handle high server loads. they require lesser reboots. However Windows based servers take the cake away when it comes to your website relying on .Net or visual basic. In this case you are bound to opt for Windows based hosting.

Likewise if you are a beginner, Windows would help you be at ease compared to UNIX, I know many folks (honestly myself included) who think UNIX is an alien language!

Now there are lots of things that you need to keep in mind, things that are a bit difficult for me to fully explain. But I hope this helps you understand some essential things you need to keep in mind.

What hosting service are you using for your website and why did you opt for it?

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