image thumb171 Create Your Own Social News Site with Reddit

The popular open source social new site Reddit has announced that it will let users create their own customized communities based on Reddit. You can modify your CSS or use custom CNAMEs. According to their blog, you can customize your reddit like any WordPress blog. And you can even use your own domain to link up with your reddit.

They have also started a contest for ‘redditors’, users with their own reddits, to grow their audiences and win prizes. This is the list of prizes:

For the winner

  • Macbook Air laser etched with the reddit logo
  • $1,500 Apple gift card
  • Stockpile of schwag (shirts, pins, and stickers) designed by me for their winning community
  • A reddit bobblehead and some bacon

Runner up

  • 32 GB iPod touch laser etched with the reddit logo
  • $1,000 Apple gift card
  • Smaller stockpile of schwag (pins and stickers) designed by me for their community
  • A reddit bobblehead

Best design

  • Wacom Intuos3 9×12 pen tablet
  • $500 Apple gift card
  • A reddit bobblehead

The rules of the contest are

Entry is simple, just create a reddit or be the creator of an existing reddit community with fewer than 250 subscribers at the time of this post. You’ll have one month to grow your reddit: reach out to your friends on forums, email friends and family, engage bloggers who write about content of interest to your community and submit some of their best work.
Absolutely do not spam. I cannot stress this enough; it’ll just generate ire — not traffic.

So, if you’re already hooked up with Reddit, what are you waiting for? Just join in the contest, and if you win anything, do let us know! Even if you don’t, we’re sure the customization being offered with Reddits will be more than enough to keep loyal Reddit users happy for a long time to come!