PosterMyWall is an online custom poster and collage maker service that makes it easy to create and print artistic custom posters from a web browser. Users can choose from a variety of professionally designed poster backgrounds to get started, or they can upload their own.  PosterMyWall allows users to add photos from Facebook, Flickr, or their computer. The powerful, browser based poster designer provides users unlimited creative freedom by allowing them to layout their photos and captions on a poster any way they want. Graphical effects such as shadows, glows, borders, faded edges, bevel, and many more can be easily applied to photos and captions on a poster.

image thumb19 Create Your Own Collage And Posters With PosterMyWall  Startup

Using Facebook Connect, users can create an intricate collage of their Facebook photos via the InstaCollage Wizard. They can even create a collage for a friend by simply selecting the friend’s name; the InstaCollage Wizard then picks interesting Facebook photos for that friend. A personalized poster collage makes a great gift. A variety of effects and themes are available for collages. Users can customize their InstaCollage in the poster designer by adding highlight photos and captions.

By preserving the original photo detail, PosterMyWall can render high quality posters and collages at very large sizes while maintaining excellent image quality. The posters are printed on premium photo paper, packaged and home delivered nationwide all at an affordable price.

Opinion: I am not a big fan of such sites, but this one caught my attention primarily for its very neat interface. It’s welcoming, not mobbed by countless demo posters, etc. Secondly the ability to connect via your Facebook Connect makes it even easier to use and share your content right from this browser based tool

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