voxcardslogo thumb Create Speaking E cards with VoxCards Greeting cards helps you convey messages in short and memorable form. Cards can be cherished forever and greatly speaks the aesthetic sense of the sender. Good artwork, bunch of flowers or a cuddling teddy bear in the greeting card along with nice, thought-provoking messages play a vital role in expressing your feelings. But imagine creating your own card; with VoxCards you can.

VoxCards lets you make a customized alluring e-card by embedding your own voice in stunningly simple way. Just choose an image from an array of themes, add some text to your card by altering fonts and applying different colours and record your greeting. Voila! you are done. The most interesting feature is the facility to add your own voice without and hardware equipment. Users can call the specified number and follow the instructions to record their voice. Its simple, eloquent and interesting.

Send speaking cards to your friends and peers on Birthdays, Easter, winter holidays , Valentine day and gather love and trust. More images/themes could be added to make VoxCards’ an enriched content provider such as Mother’s Day theme. They can also add animated themes to make it all more attractive.

voxcardspage thumb Create Speaking E cards with VoxCards