image thumb76 Create A Personalized Visual Start Page With Kadaza

You are into having a single destination to serve as a dashboard for all your favorite sites and links and bookmarking traditionally is not your choice. Give Kadaza a try. The startup claims to become the preferred directory of the Web and the best option for your start page.

The idea that might make it great enough is that it accumulates the most popular sites ensuring that all the necessary information you might need is swarmed right at the homepage. I mean what else could you want other than news on career, stocks, sports, technology, etc.

What makes it better however is that it is more visual, something many homepages miss out. You can set themes for your homepage, select your favorite content and drag and drop links available as icons from over 25,000 it has in its database. Moreover these can customized to make the start page appear exactly as you would want it; more pleasant. And if you thought all this customization could only be availed by going through a tiring registration process, worry not. Kadaza cares about your time and lets you create your own homepage without the need to register or enter any identifiable information about yourself.

There are of course quite a  lot of services or destinations where you can create a start page, but Kadaza has that visually pleasant edge to say the least. Primarily because it cuts the useless slack and ensures that only the most useful of information is there instead of a flood of all sorts of information.