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Country Story is a relatively new Facebook game from Playfish. The game was released in August and is similar to Zynga’s FarmVille, as the game requires you to take on the role of a country guy who works hard to build his farm.

Country Story has all the niceties that FarmVille threw at you, however in addition to that there are some extras, such as the need to water your crops, the ability to fertilize the crops, the need to build up your stamina.

The game has a top town menu from where you can access different menus which include different shops for animals and crops and a place to pick up new quests. You can interact with your friends in a lot of different ways and can also steal their crops, if need be. The game would prove to be far more addictive then FarmVille, since you would have to log on more frequently in order to keep your account current.

Game Concepts

The concepts behind Country Story have been borrowed from a lot of different games. So in this regard you can consider it to be a best of bread in the Farm genre. The three major games that have provided a lot of impetus to Country Story are Farmtown, Pet Society and Restaurant City.


Similar to Farmtown, Country Story allows you to plow, plant and harvest different types of crops and water them. You can buy flowers, trees, and other farm material and can fence your farm. You can ask your friends to help you in farming, but for this you would have to visit them. Additionally you can also buy Livestock and keep them at your farm. These livestock generate an output called “produce”, which could be used to earn money. You can also buy a dog to take care of your house, farm and livestock.

Pet Society

Similar to Pet Society, Country Story lets you change your look and feel and have a different hair style or clothes. You can also go out of your house and visit different places like Market, Construction, Mayor, Livestock, Bank etc to buy things. You can increase your cash by getting Playfish cash or by social means such as helping your friends.

Restaurant City

Similar to Restaurant City, in Country Story you would have to eat and drink in order to maintain your Stamina, so as to quickly do the farming jobs such as watering, sowing and harvesting etc. You can also change the look and feel of your house and decorate it according to your liking.

Country Story Tips and Tricks

Use Fertilizer to Increase your Harvest

You reduce your harvest time by using fertilizer. This is a very effective method and some crops complete their growth almost immediately once they have the fertilizer. Fertilizer could be obtained by using Playfish cash, which would require real money, or by visiting your friends and completing quests for them.

Capture the Woods and Stones

You need to roam around your country side and gather the “Wood” or “Stones” lying around. You can later sell these resources to generate cash.

Steal from your Friends

You can steal the “Wood” or “Stones” from your friends, if they don’t already have a dog. To avoid getting stolen from, try to get a dog as quickly as possible.

Complete Quests

Try to complete as many quests as possible, as they would provide you with experience and money. In order to find quests, you would have to visit places like the Market, Construction, Mayor, Livestock, Bank etc. Quests are like jobs. Think of yourself as a jobless person roaming around the town looking for a job to perform to earn money. You can also find quests by clicking on the “Browse Quests” button. Make sure to first accept the quest, which is a sort of job agreement, before performing the required tasks.

Manage your Chicken properly

You need to feed your chicken so that it could grow. The chicken takes three days to grow enough to start laying eggs. Every chicken at max lays three eggs, be sure to collect them on time. If you wont collect your eggs, the chicken wont lay additional eggs after six hours.

Dont Sell your Plants

Unless and until you absolutely have to, don’t sell your plants. You would need them to sow certain vegetables. So by not selling the plants you would already have them when required.

Make as many Friends as possible

You will get rewards for visiting your friend who has newly joined the Country Story game. But in order to visit them you would have to persuade them to join the Country Story game, so get to your task and have as many friends join the game as possible.


From the gaming standpoint Country Story is more real and addictive than FarmVille. However, it only has around 7.5 million users as compared to FarmVille’s 70 million die hard fans. Expect this to change, as more users get to know the charms of Country Story. We think that Country Story has the potential to quickly become one of the top ten games on Facebook in terms of active user participation.

You’ve got to play it to get addicted. You can entice your friends to join the game by sharing this article with them so that they have an idea of the basic gaming concepts behind Country Story.

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