image thumb42 Contextured Takes Social Marketing To Real Time With AdTime Campaign Management Tool

Keeping an eye on your traffic, the ads you have running on your site and the a track on clicks, specially if it’s more about pay per clicks. I for one find it a bit difficult to manage all this and a handy tool is always much needed. Contextured, a UK based startup has launched AdTime to address exactly the same need.

AdTime lets publishers efficiently manage their pay per click campaigns on Google and similar search engines. This would let users keep track of their campaigns in real time and at the same time make needful alterations to keywords, adverts as well as bids. This can prove quite effective and beneficial for one’s site given the reason most of our campaigns provide use weekly or monthly reviews or analysis which results in quite a lot of losses due to wrong keywords, etc. With real time, users can have up to the minute reports. I mean what good will it be for me if I come to know a day later that people were searching for goggle more instead of spectacles when almost all the traffic is gone? Therefore as an advertiser it is more important for me to have a real time check on where and how my ad budget is utilized.

contexturedadtimedashboard thumb Contextured Takes Social Marketing To Real Time With AdTime Campaign Management Tool

Co-founder and CEO, Michael Oxley explained the advantages of AdTime:

AdTime PPC service, you’re in control from the moment you start your PPC campaign. Expensive, irrelevant keyword matches can be eliminated, while relevant ones can be expanded, and advert text can be optimised based on click through rates. All this can save a lot of your advertising budget and get your campaign off to the right start, delivering you the right kind of traffic from the word go. Campaigns can now be tuned and optimized within the first three hours of their going live.

Of course it isn’t just about Real Time, the tool ensures it provides you the history of your traffic data within a powerful interface that lets you create and manage multiple campaigns. With the AdTime eye on your ad campaigns, it is much more simpler to allocate the right budget for the right keyword and ensure that you get the results you expect from the campaign.