So it’s confirmed, Google is testing new features on its search, the tests are about live updating search results as you type in query items. The video above has been confirmed to be of the tests conducted by multiple sources, including Google.

The test has been rolled out to only a very few folks at random and chances are that this will be coming soon for the users globally. Google testing its new features isn’t a new story, given that the search giant is conducting test every now and then to improve user experience, many of these just go unnoticed. I am just a little worried about the user interaction primarily for the fact that many things can slow the updates, actually making the experience duller. Well that isn’t Google’s fault if you are with a slow machine or have bandwidth issues. Perhaps Google would offer the option to switch this off.

What do you think about these tests? Would you prefer having real time updates to search results?

via Rob Ousbey