comcas slow thumb Comcast to suffocate traffic

Comcast has sped up its task at choking the connection speeds for those users who are in a habit of heavily utilizing the bandwidth and the duration set out is around 10 to 20 minutes as reported by Bloomberg. This comes off in response to the call from regulators who have passed an order for the company to tailor new methods to manage traffic over the Web.

comcast logo1 Comcast to suffocate trafficComcast has been in some trouble up late as FCC had already found it mismanaging and blocking of peer-to-peer programs that included BitTorrent. FCC has presently issued another 30 day deadline for Comcast to provide details over there failed network management services and prospects of improving the years end.

Comcast’s SVP, Mitch Bowling was quick o respond and assured that Comcast would step up and watch over the matter as well as improving the situation that has clouded the reputation of the Philadelphia based company. He said:

The new system will move away from a focus on specific applications that hog Web traffic, in nearly real time” whether congestion is caused by a heavy user. If in fact a person is generating enough packets that they’re the ones creating that situation, we will manage that consumer for the overall good of all of our consumers.

No matter when the practice is set to start, Bowling assured users that they would still experience connections speeds as good as any DSL. So we have some sort of satisfying response making way to our ears as well.