image thumb8 Collabor8Online Is About Taking Project Management Online

Who needs to continue with traditional methods of communication within organizations when the cloud has made things more efficient and effective? Well no one other than those who don’t value productivity. There are a lot of tools on the web that help make project management and collaboration easy, for example Nutshell that I personally use at work, but we thought its always good to add more variety. Collabor8online, is another Web Startup in the same category to help your team be more productive.

What Makes Project Management Better With Collabor8Online?

image thumb9 Collabor8Online Is About Taking Project Management OnlineAs already mentioned, I am a big fan of these online services. In fact a huge credit goes to services like Collabor8online that my desktop remains clean, I can readily access all essential documents and hardly panic when there is a need to have a document on an ASAP basis. Five years back, my work used to be all over the place with me being absolutely clueless. The interesting bit with this particular startup is that it makes project management easier for the client. Especially because it saves that extra “please sign up for this service to access files. You can have all your related documents divided as per teams, projects and clients and simply have them access the same. The advantage being that your client simply is a visitor to your Collabor8 folder, thus no need for him to sign up.

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