image thumb25 Clone Wars Continue As Apple iOS 4 Comes To HTC

Apple with it’s proprietary iOS might have everything great about it and it is without a doubt. But in my opinion it must remain with the iPhone alone. But it appears my wish is short lived and the iOS 4.0 has been cloned on an HTC device.

My first impression, it’s a huge insult for HTC and it appears pretty slack. That’s just my opinion, the clone does appear to be pretty decently done. The video shows it has all the basic functions including app switch, keyboard and folders. But the over all performance doesn’t look impressive at all, I mean if you are an iPhone user it wouldn’t be pleasing enough and if you have been using an HTC running on Android, it would leave you disappointed big time as well.

I guess the iPhone 3G users running the iOS 4.0 will be able to better relate to this clone. Crap is the best word I can put up to define the performance.

via 9to5Mac