Clickto1 Your Copy and Paste Shortcut App For The DesktopI am sure most of the folks reading this blog post, have problems when it comes to “copy and paste”. Especially when it’s copying a quote from your favorite blogger or entrepreneur to Twitter or Facebook. is one of those applications that simplifies the same. While I can go about writing lines and lines describing what it does, app is simply your “shortcut” to copy and paste.

Now some of you might just think of this to be a pretty pointless app to share, but to prove you remotely wrong, one must try. The sheer simplicity it offers, saves time (at least in my case), as it lets you select specific applications that you want to paste your selection. This is done via a neat popup bar that appears anytime you select something to copy. From the bar you opt where the copied item needs to be pasted and it’s done, no switching windows or tabs or even to your Excel sheet or Word document. Plus, it sits in your system tray monitoring your clicks, what applications have you used to paste the items, giving users an overview of how many clicks, copy and paste actions they perform. Though I really wish they had some way to track the time spent in performing the same actions.

Clickto Facebook 300x139 Your Copy and Paste Shortcut App For The Desktop

Likewise, you can select what online services or desktop tools you want to function for. These include Word Docs, Excel Sheets, Twitter, Google Plus or Facebook to name a few.

The service has grown significantly in the last one year, closing major partnerships with names like eBay, Skype and HootSuite and is available for both the Windows and the Mac OSX.

You can watch a brief introductory video below and if convinced (which I am sure most of you will be), can download the application right here.

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