kickapps Clearspring and KickApps join hands to mint money on Social Widgets White label Network Solutions Company KickApps and widget maker/distributor Clearspring announced a partnership this day, adding to a pretty healthy week for the widget world.

The partnership (pretty much like many that have been made up late) is primarily focused on the marketing strength of partnered ventures giving a full scale approach to widget advertising. This would result in a platform enabling the creation and distribution of Clearspring widgets and KickApp’s directive embedded within the Clearspring platform.

The purpose is to put to practice the creation of a widget at Clearspring, using its widget creation tools (the WYSIWYG studio) as well as management tools and a one-click distribution of Clearspring’s widgets at KickApps. This would also enable one to keep track and analysis of the widget. The over all benefit is; when you create a social network on KickApps or a widget at Clearspring, we are at freedom to do so with any off the two services.

Plus there has been no limitation set on either of the two services as they can both integrate their existing options, thus broadening the reach of both Clearspring (for its advertising network) and KickApps getting its hands to offer larger widget capabilities and at the same time allowing tracking for its publishers.

We are looking here at a combination of social networks and widgets; making widgets an integrated core of advertising solution and content distribution. After being experimented on for so long, the development has proven the widgets as a powerful means of advertising and with open platforms the accessibility to contents and ads has made it highly integrated.

With major widget networks (Gigya, Widgetbucks) shifting over to advertising dimensions, time is not far when these will be leveraged in as tools of advertising. And with an integration of such sort speeding up, time will soon arrive when in-house operations will overtake online ads era.