image thumb28 Chromes Plan to further Stab IE

Google is at it again, and this time with a solid plan to defeat IE. In comparison to IE, Chrome, does not have enough browser extensions so to make it much more adaptable for users to use.

The Chrome extensions document, spotlighted Saturday by Google programmer Aaron Boodman puts some light on Google’s plans for taking it’s browser further.

Chromium can’t be everything to all people,” according to the document. “User-created extensions have been proposed to solve these problems: the addition of features that have specific or limited appeal; users coming from other browsers who are used to certain extensions that they can’t live without; bundling partners who would like to add features to Chromium specific to their bundle.

Google mentioned that the extension would be self-monitored by chrome itself for updates without the intervention of the user. And would run under independent memory space with isolation from the browser. And the best part being that Google would monitor “malicious or harmful extensions” so the users aren’t effected, giving one more trust point why Google is winning over Microsoft’s users.

“It’s likely in the future we may want to provide a consumer front-end which would allow users to more easily find the most popular, highest quality and trustworthy extensions,” Google said.