image thumb84 China Hammers Another Ban: Google Suggest Feature Now Un Suggested

Google is getting some kicking in China and Pakistan by the authorities. I had been experiencing a block on certain Google Search Suggestions on random sites by the PTA and I kept ignoring this until I came across news from Cnet. While it’ about China extending its impenetrable firewall further.

Apparently the suggestions feature has taken a hit in Mainland China . The links from the suggestions feature are all blocked while others that are done without utilizing the feature work fine. This isn’t the first ban nor it is the last, given that services like YouTube, Blogger have been doomed inaccessible in the region. Bad luck for the users in China, who might have been utilizing the feature for searches and quite positively.

I am honestly annoyed by such actions. Authorities taking such initiatives are actually stuffing their decisions and shaping how a consumer uses the Web. The same has been adopted in Pakistan lately beginning from the whole Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Ban controversy. It wasn’t really helpful as it failed to achieve its purpose, more importantly people somehow managed to access the social network despite a ban on over 800 sites. China, might be more stricter, but hey, I guess Google complies strictly to the laws of the Chinese government, and blocking it is merely frustrating the Internet User back home.

What is your take on this?