cbs yahoo thumb1 CBS Plus Yahoo: A Partnership waiting announcement Reports have confirmed that CBS is out and about at announcing a major partnership with Yahoo this morning.

Unsure as to what the partnership be the chances of Yahoo joining the CBS Audience Network are pretty obvious (no doubts about that). The Network distributes its content to various platforms like YouTube, AOL etc (click here for a lengthier list).

The CBS Audience Network with over 300 partners and 70,000 plus videos was launched in August 2007 and has delivered 190 million streams to date (the most popular mentioned on their main site).

The video content is delivered via advertisements and the generated revenue is shared between CBS and partner sites. The videos can also be viewed on the main site and the iTunes.

The CBS partnership will be the third at providing content to Yahoo TV (it is already provided contents from NBC and FOX through Hulu). CBS is to provide Yahoo with 92% of US search by including it in the CBS network and at the same time becoming the single largest content contributor to Yahoo.

This would also enable Yahoo to have a head on at various competitors, like YouTube. Although YouTube had joined CBS Audience Network a long time back has lagged behind. The reason for that is YouTube offers only short clips without any advertising and therefore lacks full length content available elsewhere.

So the bells are up and ringing threat to YouTube at loosing its user base to competitors like Yahoo (that are yet to go full throttle at this).