image thumb127 Carol Bartz Says Google Is Holding By a Thread And Facebook Is Frenemy. I Think Yahoo Is A Jack Of All Trades [Now]

Talk about making it big! Yahoo and more importantly its CEO is once again in the news. Things are a bit different though and while Jerry Yang just created noise, Carol Bartz is trying to talk some sense. In a report today Bartz tried to drill deep into Google and figure out flaws in the Search Engine giant.

According to her, Google’s biggest flaw is Search, meaning that it has all its business centered around it alone. She stated in her interview:

Google needs to diversify to avoid problems and grow a company the size of Yahoo every year.

I bet Google doesn’t want that. Yahoo was growing exponentially in the early days but it has continued to fall shorter of its targets every time. Google has concentrated on one thing to begin with and now has more than 65% of the share. Take that to Yahoo, it only has 17% and that too is being lost to the minion Bing from Microsoft. From what those stats state, Yahoo is the one that I see losing too much.

At another point:

If Google was to lose its stature or there was something to come along that prevented them from realizing the same level of revenue they have now with their advertising platforms, they would be in trouble compared to another more diversified company.

According to her Search is 99% of all Google’s business and to Yahoo it is barely half and that it has over 70 services and sites to add to its diversity. Good point, but see where Yahoo is heading? Losses? I think Bartz is wrong when she says Google relies on Search alone. To be honest even if it did, it is so deeply rooted in the current Web sphere that people just wont let go off it. And as long as that Search bar is present on every site, Google is never out of business.

Bartz wasn’t only targeting Google, she had some words on Facebook too, calling it Frenemy and that it should know that Social isn’t about Facebook, but:

Social is interaction. Social is commenting on news stories. It’s blogging. It’s sharing photos. So there are social capabilities running throughout all of our sites, including Twitter feeds and Facebook feeds.

Yahoo definitely has that bit of an edge over both Facebook and Google. But my issue is why does Yahoo still remain an underdog? I can absolutely agree with her saying Google is going to fail and that Facebook doesn’t stand a chance against Yahoo, but my only concern is why can’t Bartz show us Yahoo doing big?

To me Yahoo is nothing but a madman’s Farmland where he grows all sorts of vegetables in one season and the quantity and quality both fail to rise and satisfy its consumers. Google and Facebook, on the other hand have only a few of those offerings but they are in such enormity and high quality that consumers would stick to them, even if it requires them to redefine how they think of the Web.

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