image thumb1 Can the HTC Camera Be Beat? Can HTC Interface Ever Change?

The latest in the T-Mobile HTC 4G Android Phone lineup, the Sensation, is already being considered one of the best smartphones either company has ever been involved with. It’s 4.3 touch screen display and overall length of nearly 5 inches with a width of 0.44 inches gives it a lanky look. When compared to the iPhone, however, this quickly becomes the phone’s definitive style. Simply put, the HTC Sensation as a model overrides the cool factor of the iPhone, which is honestly an incredibly difficult thing for a mobile phone to achieve these days.

The battery life is almost too good to be true, and if I didn’t see it for myself I wouldn’t believe it. Two hours of music, an accumulative hour texting, count one more for talking, then another hour for browsing and four more for goofing off and gaming, and I still had plenty of power left. With the phone I have now that would’ve needed a charge before I had time to finish my second-to-last dungeon for the day.

The camera is top-notch and personally my favorite part of the phone. It falls in line with most HTC models with a professional photographer’s level of customization varying from ISO to focal length. On top of the standard software is high definition 1080p HD video and photo hardware that are going to make your humble camera phone photography potentially get mistook for the work of Ansel Adams.

A neat feature they’ve included is the ability to take a quick photo by just clicking a button on the front of the phone. It’s meant to help you get that precious photo taken before the moment is over in situations where fumbling to access the camera option through the menu is not possible.

Did I mention the power of this thing? 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, baby. But don’t get too flustered with the contradiction of long batter life and a dual-core processor. This phone enables you to turn one off, if it doesn’t do so automatically on its own. That can save you several hours of juice.

Are there downsides? A few: the HTC desktop interface is a cluster as always, with windows for phoning, browsing, and other tasks constantly competing for central space despite having room to stretch. The phone is a bit heavy compared to most smartphones in its class. Other than that…not a bad job HTC.