image thumb9 Call it a Double Tag Team: Yahoo and Facebook Connect and Twitter with Google Friend Connect

Facebook is growing strong, very strong indeed and I bet its pinching others, primarily Google Friend Connect. Why? Well if Facebook grows its obvious people would prefer Facebook Connect too and bingo there is the urge for Google’s Friend Connect to grow further. The industry juggernaut launched Twitter integration without much of brouhaha.

With this any site that has Friend Connect on the site, users can simply log in with either their Google or Twitter account. This means if you are already logged in with Twitter, you are logged in already to the site, thanks to OAuth. What makes it more fun is that you can tweet about the site to your friends with a simple click without actually doing the copy paste stuff.

Now the entire thing is pretty well timed, just as Facebook crossed 350 Million users and more importantly Yahoo launched its own integration with Facebook Connect. Meaning Google’s reaction was to reciprocate the move and Twitter was the only obvious choice. It will be very interesting to see how this progresses with time. But be assured it will be quite a long time before it does any good to Google Connect, why? Well despite all its popularity, Twitter still is light years away from Facebook’s total users.