budgetforlife logo BudgetForLife your Financial Plans Budgetforlife.com allows you to manage your financial budget, basically making a budget for your entire life! Hence the name. Use this service to create your lifetime financial plan and find the meaning of getting a lifetime of financial planning within minutes.

BudgetForLife looks into the future to develop a financial plan and simplify all the complexities involving with handling on making the budget, managing income’s rise and fall, coming and going of expenses, debts being paid off, and sale and purchase of assets.

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An extract from BudgetForLife says:

We think that once you use BudgetForLife.com you will experience what many companies strive for, joy of use. We believe our product is the most well rounded financial planning application ever developed for the consumer. It is powerful but still easy to use and intuitive.

Although the initial start off with the service takes the longest time (which probably should be minimized), the unique offer of this service cancels out the pain of having to sit down and fill out all those blanks. From what I checked out, new users take about 30 to 90 minutes with creating their initial plan, although that depends on the level of detail one needs to input. The service recommends you keep details as in depth as possible, as that will maximize the service’s accuracy in determining the budget plan for you.

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Once you’re done with the initial phase, and feel the need to edit some part, you can easily go back and change anything you want, even at a later time.

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Creating a plan is simple:

  • start off with storing your personalized information;
  • enter the names of people associated with your plan;
  • enter incomes and expenses;
  • enter assets and debts;
  • chose rollover options;
  • and when you’re done with all that, review your plan;
  • after which you can quickly and easily makes changes to your plan.