image166 BrightStorm: YouTube for lessonsBrightstorm a web video platform has launched a new network for young folks that offers video based courses from experienced instructors. The concept sounds interesting as they utilize one of the most widely  used/accessed platforms over the web; Online videos to offer tutorials.

This would definitely make the dull lectures and texts that students read on paper or online far more interactive and easily memorisable. Also the step must have taken a practical form with the growing trend in students and parents looking out for alternative teaching sources as many a students need extra help. The service therefore focuses on key subjects that usually have students in trouble. These include, Algebra, SAT and essay writing.

image thumb110 BrightStorm: YouTube for lessons

The courses are divided into episodes so that they appear more like lectures given on different classes. The duration for each in less than 20 minutes to make sure they remain informative without dragging too much time. It charges $50 for one rear subscription and bets to bring out positive results.

I think this would end up growing further and can add more features to assist students by letting them collaborate with each interactively. Also teachers from various schools can get to focus as to what they can do improve student involvement during lectures in classes.

Investors must have seen something in the idea and have tipped in an investment of $6 million. The funds being provided by  KTB Ventures.