facebook2 Breaking News: Facebook’s redesign is out! We had reviewed a test launch of Facebook’s new profile design last week that was almost immediately shut off for perhaps another test. But after putting up with months of testing the new profile design Facebook has finally taken the bold step forward and officially announced the release of the new site design. The site can be accessed here.

The best thing I found about the change was the putting away of the three column theme that made it look so sickening and something that made me call it quits. But this makeover is very neat and so less nauseating.

The make over as has been highlighted at allfacebook they include:

New Homepage:

As had been mentioned above; the side bar at the left has been removed (for the good of it) and switched to the right side making it twice its previous size. The applications have been relocated to the header and the right sidebar as well. The applications have been adjusted in the header as a dropdown menu. Now this might be good for those with fewer applications but for those with the number reaching out to a hundred would have issues at scrolling all the way down and even a slowed load-up.

facebook home thumb Breaking News: Facebook’s redesign is out!

Bookmarks and Publisher links:

bookmarks thumb Breaking News: Facebook’s redesign is out!The bookmarks have also been moved to the sidebar on the right displaying only 8 application, rest of them can be viewed by clicking on ‘see all’. Apart from that the publisher links have been put above the News Feed to provide quick access.

New Friends Page:

There is not much change in this save that they have been moved from right to left, more expanded to go with the new design.

friendlist thumb Breaking News: Facebook’s redesign is out!

Design Feedback form:

This has been introduced by Facebook to get user feedback about the new design for each page. However there is a short comment that requests users to be constructive and courteous as they might be expecting a bit of a hit-back for the new design.

facebook feedback thumb Breaking News: Facebook’s redesign is out!

There a few more changes and overall the new.facebook appears far more pleasant and neat. I would however look out for the new design implemented completely unlike last time; when they had the link to the new site dead. Plus the change is pretty much at a good time especially when Facebook is in news at filing a lawsuit against the German Social networking site StudiVZ.