Boxee, a startup that is developing a social media center platform for HDTVs, has raised $4 million in first round of funding from Spark Capital and Union Square Ventures. As part of the deal Bijan Sabet and Fred Wilson will join Boxee’s board.

Boxee has highlighted the things that it wants to achieve:

  • a true on-demand experience – to watch a specific episode of The Office right now (and do it for free)
  • a connected experience – to play a song and see the lyrics, choose to watch the music video for it, or start singing the karaoke version
  • a social experience – to see a friend has a season-pass for Battle of the Bods, watch it for a few minutes, and tell them you no longer want to be their friend
  • an open platform – to play any media from any source, run any app, without agatekeeper restricting what you can or can’t do
  • something that’s easy to use – even for grandma!

The startup has recorded 100,000 new members to its coffers in the past weekend alone, that is immense growth to say the least.