image373 blueTunes: Access your music anywhereEvery music lover wants to have his collection made portable and accessible from anywhere at anytime. You can have your laptops loaded with your favourite numbers or in the iPod resting in your pocket. But what if you lose them? Get robbed or the system crashes? The prized collection that had taken years and a lot of money to build up is gone in the wink of an eye. It is here one feels a need to maintain an online music library and blueTunes is one such place.

What it does is to allow users upload their music and maintain a library of their collection that can be accessed at anytime from any internet  capable device.

Now this might be offering users to maintain online libraries for their songs and it claims that it considers that whatever audio tracks are uploaded by users have been purchased and are their property. So this means the music that has been uploaded is not for sharing like its allowed on various sites.

The service allows uploading of MP3s (only for the time being) to be uploaded in the least possible time. I guess this is done by matching the titles that you upload with those that it already has in its database, killing the tiring task of waiting for the upload to finish. No if this is the case then won’t it have authorities charging up at them with copyright infringement etc?

Well let’s not worry the startup with this already, I just signed up and it has a neat interface along with the player. Given  the massive number of tracks one has in the storage, blueTunes can definitely give music lovers a nice place to maintain their online library and access it anywhere.