blogupp logo BlogUpp: Revolutionizing the blog promotionIf you are a blogger then you must have done a lot to promote your blog. Different bloggers use different techniques/strategies to promote their presence on the internet, some advertise while others make partnerships and so on. In order to advertise, the key to success which I think is innovation. This is what exactly BlogUpp has done. They have come up with an extraordinary and innovative idea to help bloggers promote their blogs. The best thing about BlogUpp is that it doesn’t require you to signup, give email id, submit ads or anything like that.

The working of BlogUpp is very easy. It takes snapshots of a blog and display it on other blogs in the form of a thumbnail in the widget. BlogUpp reads the RSS of blogs (with its service activated) on a regular basis and displays the latest article on the widget. When you take the mouse to the thumbnail, its rolls over and shows you the latest article of that blog. Clicking the thumbnail will open the article in the new window. The de facto exchange ratio provided by BlogUpp is 10:9 which means that if 10 blogs are shared in your widget, 9 readers are going to see your blog in their widget. Its a fair deal.

Initially the service was targeted to bloggers but now any site which contains RSS can benefit from the service. BlogUpp is available in various languages which includes English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Russian, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) and Japanese. Another good thing about the service is that it promotes a blog to the targeted audience which increases the possibility of readers coming to your blog.

bloguppwidget thumb BlogUpp: Revolutionizing the blog promotion

BlogUpp Widget from Startup Meme

To use the widget, you just have to enter the address of you blog on the site’s homepage, after which you will get a short code which you can embed in your blog, thats all. Another good thing about this service is that its totally free, what else you need to get blog promotion? Get started now.

I would say BlogUpp is an innovation in advertising with a potential to do a lot more. One thing which they can do to improve is that they can give users an option to choose size of the widget to be displayed on their blog. Specific size options can be given by the service. If two users have selected same sizes, they might see each other’s blog and the possibility of getting traffic will increase more. Over all the service is great.