blogs com ‘To relaunch or not to relaunch?’ It has been quite a long bit since the last we hoped Six Apart doing something with their domain and the news is out that they have decided to bring it to life as another blog directory.

The purpose for this is to create a directory that is edited by a team of five human editors, unlike most directories that are automated by use choice and thumbs up etc. plus it isn’t much comprehensive as its present coverage lies with about 1200 blogs as Erick Schonfeld reports.

The directory is set to highlight posts made in various categories from entertainment to technology along with a write up that focuses upon the most fired up topic of the day. All in all the site comes in as ‘Technorati killer’ as Marshall Kirkpatrick puts it. The reason for this is most definitely the fall of Technorati from a premier blog search site to noting but a sales network and the domination of blog search by Google Blogsearch and, one finds coming in to draw the last breaths out of Technorati.

Well the site hasn’t made its launch as yet and still reads the irritating ‘coming soon’. Let’s just hope for to come out with all it has to promise and rid itself of the ‘download Typepad here’ label.

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