image thumb47 Bloggers Should Get A Life; Says Michelle Bombshell On Facebook

First you act insane and are responsible for a high profile divorce and to second that you go ballistic on the Web. Michelle Bombshell a.k.a the woman with all the tattoos in world has asked all bloggers to F*** Off, stating that we are thriving on her foolishness fame. Well if you do give us things to talk about, why wont the Web have itself echoing with it? Gossip was vital in school days and during breaks at work, so why not on Web? Spreads fast, makes it big and you get fame albeit negative, what else do you want?

The updates during the last 16 hours non her Facebook Fan page have been hitting hard on the how someone has thrived on her name to get attention. Well he or she surely did, but you retaliating, it sort of gives me an impression that it has been thoroughly enjoyed by the person in question too.

Well I won’t brag about it much as I have nothing to do with and get to the real purpose of bringing this issue up. I was recently having a discussion with a few friends over Etiquettes online. I personally think there should be a certain level of decency and while all the gossip, especially if it is about anyone famous is bound to get you loads of attention, one should try and remain in the limits of decency. It doesn’t mean if jumps out naked, you should retaliate as well. Retaliation leads to more reactions and it just never ends. We have seen this happen all across the social networks and pages/groups have been banned for the same reason.

In this particular case, well if you are really so concerned that people shouldn’t be crushing your reputation beneath your feet. You should simply avoid selling your stories.