jailed journalistsstats Bloggers have the highest possibility to end up in jail than other journalists

In a recent report by Committee to Protect Journalists, bloggers are more likely to go to jail than any other journalist. According to CPJ, out of 125 journalists jailed through out the world, 45% are bloggers followed by 42% print media journalists. The country with the highest number of jailed journalists is China, followed by Cuba, Burma, Eritrea, and Uzbekistan.

According to Joel Simon, CPJ’s executive director:

The image of the solitary blogger working at home in pajamas may be appealing, but when the knock comes on the door they are alone and vulnerable.

All of us must stand up for their rights–from Internet companies to journalists and press freedom groups. The future of journalism is online and we are now in a battle with the enemies of press freedom who are using imprisonment to define the limits of public discourse.