image thumb69 Blog On The Go With The New Tumblr App For Android

Apples news everyday sounds great but I find it a bit difficult to not have something about Android. Today the Android Market got itself the much awaited app for the blogging service, Tumblr. The app is official, available for free on the Market and the only issue is that you must be running Android 2.1 at least.

When it comes over to user experience, the app offers pretty much the same features that you are accustomed to seeing on the Web. However the application gives bloggers one big thing, mobility. You can post blogs, take pictures, record a video or sound and post them directly to your Tumblr blog. The app provides you a dashboard, pretty much the same as you see on the Web version and lets you see posts made by those you are following. This is definitely a big one for Tumblr fans, especially those with the Android phone and would greatly simplify blogging on the service big time.

image thumb70 Blog On The Go With The New Tumblr App For Android

I am just a bit uneasy why it hasn’t really got that big of attention, perhaps it could be the fact that app is a bit buggy to begin with. This is of course the first version and the bugs are bound to be removed in the newer versions.

Do you happen to have a blog on Tumblr and also own an Android Phone? Please let us know about your experience in the comments [thanks Androidandme].

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