Blatant Plagiarism in the Blogosphere, or Is it ?

Editorial Note: Readers are requested to read the comments before making any judgement about anyone.

For quiet sometime now Vivek Puri a young and opinionated blogger is complaining about blatant plagiarism of his leads by some big shots without acknowledgement. He grew desperate and suggested that a new blog tracker be developed that not only shows whats hot in the blogosphere but also visualize who got the scoop first hand and who later leeched onto it. In simple words he wants blog and meme trackers to show posts around a certain topic in chronological order.

I covered the entire event here, and discussed an incident that happened prior to it. A few hours back few hours back when i visited Startup Squad, I found a post regarding JobCoin. I found the service interesting and thought of reviewing it after I get my hands free from other stuff. The story was certainly not reported on Mashable by that time and appeared on it afterwards. The reason I am so sure about it is because I keep all the startup and web 2.0 focused blogs opened in multiple firefox tabs and refresh them simultaneously when I get free from a review.

A few minutes ago as I visited Startup Squad again it had this “AH! Suckers at Mashable are as usual copying my leads. God save blogosphere from these thankless assholes.” added to the updated Jobcoin post. Kirsten Nicole the one who covered Jobcoin on Mashable responded to it by saying that They got the tip late last night.

This poses 2 interesting questions:

  1. If they really got it last night, why they waited for Startup Squad to cover it first ?
  2. If there is nothing fishy about it, why Startup Squad´s trackback moderated on Mashable, while other comments and a trackback is allowed ?

Clearly something doesn’t smell right here. This is the second controversy to grip the blogosphere within a week after the death threats to Kathy Sierra. Are the big guys really sucking the young ones blood ? Is David once again against a Goliath ? Does this also comes with the territory ? The answers to these I honestly don’t have. But one thing is for sure, blogosphere seriously needs a code of conduct (something on which Sam Sethi claims to be working in this post).

Update 1: See Pete Cashmore´s comments

Update 2: Pete send me a personal email with a press release that the Jobcoin co founder send to Mashable. I have made the press release publicly available here for everyone to see. I am saddened that I might have delivered an untrue picture of Mashable and hurt that I might have played into someone´s game. I am still waiting for Vivek to clarify the situation as to what made him think Mashable blatantly plagiarized his leads.

Update 3: Vivek has responded and things have gone ugly. I now have no way to decide which side of the picture is shiny and which one is hazy, so from now onwards its up to the readers to decide.

david vs goliath Blatant Plagiarism in the Blogosphere, or Is it ?
David Vs Goliath, image taken from Miss Rogue’s (Tara Hunt) flickr photo stream.