image thumb98 Black Boxes for the Internet: Great…. yeah right!

And they said the Internet is secure and ensures privacy. Well maybe it was meant for one of us users who just use it as means of informing and being informed but latest news has it that every activity of ours can be closely watched and recorded. The latest development in this regard comes the Governments plans to monitor every leap and crawl in the Internet traffic before giving it a green signal to rush off to the central storage. According to reports:

They said they only wanted to return to a position they were in before the emergence of internet communication, when they were able to monitor all correspondence with a police suspect. The difference here is they will be in a much better position to spy on many more people on the basis of their internet behaviour. Also there’s a grey area between what is content and what is traffic. Is what is said in a chat room content or just traffic?

If they are so concerned, why not just eradicate the system altogether? I mean we all know how extensively the Internet is used for mal-activity.