closeshave thumb BitTorrent set to ‘shave off’ employees

bittorrent BitTorrent set to ‘shave off’ employees BitTorrent a startup focused at file-sharing and raising many concerns regarding Hollywood flicks has come out reporting cutting short its sales and marketing department. The reasons as highlighted number quite a lot a few of them being the failure to bid out Torrent Entertainment Network and failed attempts to turn into an online media store for much talked $15 million to Best Buy.

The deal might have faltered due to the latest FCC rulings related to file sharing. Now if this were so, why did FCC fall heavily on Comcast for strangling P2P traffic and by all means this should have helped give ignition to this deal.

The company had initially started off with offerings of sanctioned P2P movie downloads but couldn’t really keep it going. The present turn around is to focus at competing with content delivery giants like Akamai (AKAM) and Limelight (LLNW) in order to assist media firms to transfer files and make money with licensing deals with numerous electronics companies as Peter Kafka reports.

It was interesting to Q&A session n Kafka’s post that had CEO, Doug Walker state:

DNA’ service, which is a service for the distribution of large rich media files in a secure, private network environment. The second is a new area for us which we call ‘BitTorrent Certified’ — an ability to use BitTorrent technology on new IP-enabled consumer devices. So routers, network attached storage devices, DVRs, television sets.

So what is Walker up at? Perhaps an amalgamation of the above technologies to help connect to separate groups and add more value to each; nonetheless the idea sounds better for them as there is not much use they can put their service to use by sticking strictly to the image of a streaming or download video store.