bigfuncity Bigfuncity comes crowded with a lot of free games Bigfuncity is a big website for big time game players and time killers with over 11,000 flash games for free play. Having a wide variety of choices for users with different tastes; ranging from Action, Puzzle and Brain Training to Racing.

The site also allows you to search by keyword for a game that you so desperately want to play. Once registered you can become a member of a gaming community and communicate with other members as well. Registering for the website is not a compulsion as you can still play games and enjoy this time killing site.

The game quality is pretty good as they don’t load up in a billion seconds or cause your browser to gum up while loading. There are plenty of websites that offer free games, but a true addict would never mind taking time out for something new. Especially when you try to access major sites that have Big names but take so long that you think of giving up the entire idea, with eyes all soared watching the load in progress, caption!

A good site for those who give a dime about graphics and plain old way is the best.

bigfuncity game1 Bigfuncity comes crowded with a lot of free games