image thumb53 Big One: Sony Ericsson Coming Out With Android 3.0 Gaming Smartphone, An Amalgamation of Xperia And PSP Go

This one is big, at least for me given that I am a big of Sony Play Station and the Android platform. Reports are rolling in of Sony Ericsson is in works to release a gaming smartphone. If I am not wrong, it’s going to be an amalgamation of the Sony Playstation Portable, [the PSP], perhaps the Sony Ericsson Xperia and running on the Google Android version 3.0. I am excited for sure.

Just a little bit of confusion given that Sony Ericsson is yet to release a smartphone running the Android 2.0. Though the word is in the air of Sony Ericsson releasing Xperia X10 running on Android 2.2 aka Froyo. There isn’t much on the hardware specs except for the detailed report on Engadget that explains certain specifications of the device. These include:

  • A landscape slider design
  • QWERTY Keyboard and D-pad
  • Display size being 3.7 inch or 4.1 inch. The resolution will most probably be WVGA or better [hopefully]
  • A 5 Megapixel camera [again shoddy]
  • A 1GHz Snapdragon Processor

The device as I mentioned will most probably be Xperia along with the Logo of PlayStation brands. The Android version, 3.0 aka Gingerbread will be running and if this is by any means is true, we will definitely be seeing a massive move of Android towards 3D gaming and it will definitely be a big challenge for the iPhone. Of course this is far fetched and not everyone will be buying this device to play expensive games when the iPhone already has better options available on the App Store. But think of it, if the quality of games running on Android is fully supported we might actually be seeing developers creating games for the device, which can be cheaper, more fun and geared up with great bit of hardware.

I am just speculating at this moment, but to me the Android seriously needs this to surface as a mobile operating system that is beyond Google Apps, etc and is considered a powerful gaming platform as well. At least it will change my opinion of Sony Ericsson mobiles.