image thumb112 Big Names FAIL Big: Google Takes The Fail Tradition To Calendars [After Gmail]

I love Google and the countless services it provides us. I mean it would be impossible for me to easily collaborate with my team back at work if it weren’t for Google but! Why does it keep backing out at one time or the other?

The latest in news is Google Calendar that has been down for several hours on the trot. The reason? Well no one is aware of it and so are we. According to App Status Dashboard the problem is with service disruption and it isn’t an outage, call it stubbornness and Google’s unwillingness to accept that it has bigger problems handling such a massive user base it caters to by providing services on the cloud.

If Google wants to be the dominant force and have people opt for its services for everything to do with the Web it will have to provide them with undisruptive quality of service to make selling them easier. We as regular users can tolerate it but anyone who is planning to make a move and quit using the traditional apps for same purpose find it to be a big turn off.

It does provide users with offline capabilities using Gears but that is set to change. Google is planning to move ahead with the HTML 5 methodology to provide offline experience but we are all well aware how many of our browsers actually support it.

Oh and there is competition coming up too with Microsoft launching Docs in collaboration with Facebook.

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