tineye thumb Beauty is in ‘TinEye’ of the Beholder.

TinEye claims to be the first image search engine on the web to use image identification technology. When an image is queried, TinEye shows you images from around the world, that are the same or look similar to the one you’ve searched for. It can also tell if 2 modified images have the same person or object in them which is the coolest part of this. Although TinEye is currently in private beta, and we haven’t recieved our invite yet, Idée Inc’s blog ( the parent company behind TinEye) shows the capabilities of this image search engine very well. And here at Startup Meme, we’re very impressed so far ( specially Sardar Mohkim Khan who thinks Mona Lisa’s painting is the best thing since slice bread! ).

image thumb35 Beauty is in ‘TinEye’ of the Beholder.

The engine behind TinEye are complex algorithms, which are also used in Idée Inc’s other products such as PixID and Piximilar.

Every day TinEye’s spiders crawl the web for additional images. Using sophisticated pattern recognition algorithms, TinEye creates a unique and compact digital signature or ‘fingerprint’ for each one and adds it to the index.

TinEye can surely compete with the image search engines of Google and the likes, but what if someone wants to use text search to find images in their large index? We still don’t know.