image thumb16 Be Ready To Embrace Limera1n From Geohot TO JailBreak All iOS 4.1 Devices

I guess we have all been consumed way too much with GreenPoisOn. Also about the talk of how to Jailbreak the iPhone 4 with the GreenPoisOn jailbreak tool which is officially to be released on Sunday, 10-10-10. But there is more in the making as others in the jailbreak arena are rolling out their ways.

Our friends at RP have just reported of Geohot coming up with their own jailbreak tool. This new jailbreak tool called the Limera1n will jailbreak all the devices powered by the iOS 4.1 and it will jailbreak the devices for life. While the GreenPoisOn, based on SHAtter has swarmed almost all iPhone based blogs, it is only for the 4rth Generation Apple devices based on the iOS. Limera1n might just come as a shimmer of hope for those with the third generation of the iPod Touch and the iPhone.

There is quite a stir at the Chronic Dev Team. While everyone is pleased with the return of Geohot with this new Limera1n jailbreak tool many think that he should actually wait for the upcoming generations of the iPad as well the iPhone 5 dubbed to be coming with Verizon Wireless. The date for the release of the Limera1n is October 11, just the day after GreenPoisOn.

I guess the next couple of days will be filled with loads of Jailbreak iPhone news. I am just a bit unsure on what to talk about more as we have the Japanese Grand Prix happening too.

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