There was a report of a blank box in the chat window of the Windows Live Messenger just beneath the contact’s display picture dated 13 July by the title, Weird box in Windows Live Messenger, posted by Imran Hussein when even newer things started to appear, newer and ever more stranger. The contact list all by itself appears to block and unblock people on the list without the doing of the user. I was quite shocked when I saw the person I had blocked for ages, appeared unblocked and vice versa.

I tried out re-installing the messenger, tried different users but every now and then it sprung up with the same automatic block/unblock. Try as I may to find an answer to this as my fellow did at Windows Live Messenger Blog, I couldn’t find an answer to this. Is this a problem with a version? Where did it spring up out of nowhere? I had been using it for quite some time and it never happened, not until last week, when I simply ignored it for some fault that occurs every now and then.

I am pretty clueless, Windows Live Messenger any answers?