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cityofheroes thumb Massive multiplayer online game City of Heroes released on Mac

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boxlogo Box.net recruit employees for two key positions

Online storage provider Box.net has hired two new employees for key positions in the company. The company has hired new vice president of marketing, Jen Grant and director of product management, David Lee. Grant has the experience of working at Google as company’s head of marketing team for Google Apps, Lee on the other hand has worked at Yahoo.

dellallin thumb Allin acquired by Dell for $12 million

Allin the IT consulting company of Microsoft, has been acquired by Dell for $12 million stock deal. The aim of the deal announced today was to strengthen the consulting areas of Dell’s designing and implementing scalable networks and application articles through Allin’s technology infrastructure business and collaboration and business applications.

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hacker thumb Turkish hacker sent to jail for 30 years

A Turkish court has sent a hacker to jail for 30 years. Maksym Yastremski (better known as Maksik) earlier gained attention when sold credit and debit card information of top online sellers. According to US prosecutors, Maksik earned  $11 million during 2004 to 2006 by selling the stolen information. Though Maksik was not sentenced to jail for any of these charges, he was sent to jail for carrying out numerous hack attacks on various banks in Turkey.

motel thumb GPS used by police to find the missing girl

As the time is passing by, technology is becoming an essential part of our lives making it easier. Now the Massachusetts police has used the GPS and Google Maps to trace down a 9 years old girl who was supposedly kidnapped by her grandmother. The grandmother of the girl was arrested as she failed to return her to the rightful guardians.

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windowspatch thumb1 Microsoft to release patch for Windows vulnerability

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googlepediafirefox Googlepedia brings Wikipedia to the Firefox

Googlepedia is a Firefox extension that pulls the Wikipedia article into the the Firefox browser. The article is displayed at the right side of the browser along with other search results. The add-on saves a lot of time to search an article in Wikipedia. Users can use different controls with the displayed articles such as expand, shrink and hide.

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googlemapsmobile thumb Google Maps for mobile improved

Google has launched a server side change on Google Maps for mobile and now it is much easier to get directions to a business. Before this change if you would have searched starbucks then application would have searched different addresses with stabucks and not the business. The application now differentiates between an address and a business. You can download Google Maps for mobile here.

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amazontraffic thumb Amazon’s Kindle still having the Oprah effect

In October Amazon Kindle was featured by Oprah in her show after which the traffic on Amazon’s website went up way high (479%). The device was sold out around Christmas and the website of Amazon is still showing the same status. Though the traffic of the website isn’t the same as it was when Kindle appeared on Oprah, it is still going steady.

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iphone miniiphone thumb Apple messed up the plans for iPhone Nano duplicates

The ongoing Macworld Expo was surrounded by a number of rumors, one of which was of a smaller iPhone or an iPhone Nano. Though it was only a rumor, but it was enough for forgers in the Far East to start producing the replica of iPhone Nano. The only hardware that was announced at the Macworld Expo was the 17 inch MacBook Pro.

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