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 image thumb57 Answerly.com – Get Your Answers Delivered to You…

Have questions that boggle you and leave your scratching your head? Why not us the power of the web and the community to answer your worries. Answerly is a new startup I found recently, helping us to get answers to those questions. Unlike traditional how-to-do websites, the site has very unique feature which I very much appreciated, that being delivering the answers to questions right to my inbox, typically in minutes.

Backed by the Queryable Corp.the site is different in a sense because you get to retain the privacy of your answer as it gets delivered to your inbox, that is if your question is concerning very private issues you need a suggestion upon. Other than that general answers are posted on the site for your quick reference.

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image thumb56 Searching for a good parking space in NYC? – Primospot.com to your rescue

Are you tired of paying several hundred dollars of parking tickets? Searching for good parking spaces in NYC? Well worry not as Primospot is here to help you! The site provides you with maps using Google Maps technology, enabling you to add a parking spots within your own neighborhood and searching other neighborhoods to find suitable parking’s that others have marked down.

Having an extensive database of parking signs, the website is quite good and up-to-date. The only lacking i felt was that the site was currently only monitoring 3 areas of NYC, although these three are the biggest but nonetheless only 3; these being Manhattan, Queens and the Brooklyn area.

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Spotify – The new Stream of Music…

spotify1 Spotify – The new Stream of Music…

Invitation only music streaming site Spotifyt Spotify – The new Stream of Music…, (Currently available only to the European nations) is a new startup with a promise. The new site has a variety of music for users to listen to with a downloadable client to help them do that.

Streaming beyond today’s browser based music streaming sites, think of Spotify as a fully stocked iTunes, with everything hyperlinked to easily find related music. I just love the user interface very very much and the best part is that of making stream based playlists is as easy as ABC.

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skygrid SkyGrid – The future of News Aggregation, to be FREE?

SkyGridt SkyGrid – The future of News Aggregation, to be FREE? the news aggregator service currently charges $500/month a browser based premium real time news service that competes with super-profitable Bloomberg terminalst SkyGrid – The future of News Aggregation, to be FREE? and other services. SkyGrid enables you to massively collect, filter news from blogs, websites and different channels with using advanced algorithms to detect sentiments as well for the items.

But we have heard rumors that the company is us also going to come out with a FREE version soon.

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red%20phone Will the MACWORLD give us the RED iPhone?

We have been hearing rumors of Apple coming out with a RED colored iPhone similar to its launch of the RED iPod for quite some times.

But recently during the holiday season, the rumors have got much more hype, that the MACWORLD would showcase this product in conjunction with Apple  releasing the iPhone under the Product RED brand and surely a lot of folks would buy one thinking its for a good cause (money for the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa).

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 New York Times – Now with FrontPage ADS

The New York Times (NYT) became the second to last major newspaper to run a front page display ad today. You can see the add at the bottom of the page.

We all know that recession is talking place and people are moving towards online news channels, and hence newspapers including Wall Street Journal, USA today and now the NYT want to ripe as much GREEN as they possibly could.

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PowerTwitter – Twitter Made Fun…

powertwitter 1 PowerTwitter – Twitter Made Fun…

Firefox gets an amazing twitter add-on dubbed, the Power Twitter which enables you to extend the normal twitter search into a much more sophisticated search and provide addictional functionalities to enhance your experience. Created by Narendra Rocherollet PowerTwitter – Twitter Made Fun… at 83 Degreest PowerTwitter – Twitter Made Fun…

It enables you to integrate a search box into your twitter page directly. Also with that it fixes the @replies feature, which currently only shows Twitter messages directed to you that begin with @[yourusername]. Now with the add-on, you see all your messages that contain your user name.

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Me2 – Bringing the Yesteryears Back

videod7b826d768aa1 Me2 – Bringing the Yesteryears Back

Want to remember the yesteryears of hearing the modem sound while connecting? Well a cool app dubbed me Me2, just went live on the Apple store today, enabling you to  send files between two iPhones and while sending those files hear those chirpy but memorable sounds again using modem technology.

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Toksta – The revolutionary Web IM

videoa24ac2033c84 Toksta – The revolutionary Web IM


Viewing and understanding brand new elevator pitches for funding is one of my favorite hobbies. Today I saw a brilliant elevator pitch that of Tokstat Toksta – The revolutionary Web IM, a browser-based instant message/chat client that can be integrated into most websites with only a few snippets of code. The service supports text, voice, and video (Flash is required for the latter two), and is free.

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catholicgoogle Google with a Catholic Touch   CatholicGoogle


CatholicGooglet Google with a Catholic Touch   CatholicGoogle, a brand new website powered by Google custom search was released today to help people looking for information on catholism via the web. The website says,

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