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image thumb86 Think you are Affluent? – Then Affluence.org is for You!!!

Everyone wants to change the world positively. Do you? Well harnessing the power of the internet a new startup dubbed Affluence.org helps you bring out the spirit within you into the limelight. The site is an exclusive community of affluent people dedicated to making life better for both themselves and others.

As a member, you can find and interact with other affluent people from around the world, evaluate and contribute to your favorite charities, and gain access to exclusive lifestyle guides to luxury living, travel and the latest trends. Within this elite community you will be provided with access to a dedicated Affluence Concierge, receive priority access to the world’s most exclusive premieres, nightclubs, parties, hotels, events and much more.

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image thumb84 Glance.net Unveils Reverse Screen Sharing…

Want to share your PC or train someone sitting at the other end of the globe? Be it for business related, task resolving purpose or a personal purpose, Glance.net is for you. But for those of you who don’t know what Glance is, is that Glance is the simplest, fastest, most dependable way to host web demos. Glance Networks provides a simple one-button screen sharing tool that lets people instantly show their live PC or MacTM screens to anyone online. You can use Glance to deliver web demos, sales presentations, online training, webinars and technical support.

Now along with its regular service, Glance just started offering reverse screen sharing for PC users that is it lets you see or control your guest’s screen, at no extra cost. This is really beneficial for business in two particular ways:

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image thumb83 Concert and Event Discovery Made Easy   gigfreaks

Are you a socialite? Want to get out of the hectic life for a bit and enjoy the music? Worry not as gigfreaks is there to help you out searching the best event near you. The site is a concert discovery and recommendation engine that will generate a list of the hottest events that suit the user’s musical taste and location.

The search is dead easy and based on a single favorite artist or band, and can be filtered using geographical parameters and by setting a date range. For people without musical preferences we also provide a location based search. Short event, artist and album information are also there, with some useful links to more content, online ticket reservation and music shops.

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image thumb82 iBegin – Wiki Business Listings with a Difference!

iBegin is a wiki-business listing service which is mainly made for business owners, allowing them via their phone #, to claim and update their own
listings. This ensures that business owners can accurately keep their listings up to date. The site provides you with a complete coverage of business listings for US & Canada – over 12 million listings.

Other than that the site also provides you services like

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image thumb80 Make Beautiful WebPages in Minutes   GoHoster

Ever wished that your WebPages could be attractive and rather more appealing enough? Worry not GoHoster makes helps you create your own beautiful WebPages instantly.

The pages you create are hosted on a URL of their own at GoHoster.com. The first step in the process involves checking out if your intended URL is available. If this happens to be the case, you can start putting up your page together by means of cutting and pasting contents until you are satisfied. Once this has been dealt with, your page will be ready for all to see.

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Geo Tagging Made Simple – Tagggit

tagggit thumb Geo Tagging Made Simple   Tagggit

Lost in a big city? Well Tagggit is there to help you out. Taggit is a geo-tagging social network made for people who live in big cities but don’t know much about the places or people in it. Now Tagging the city allows you to remember where you found a good parking spot, where you found a good coffee shop, etc. You can share those tags with friends and search for their friend’s recommendation tags. You can keep their tags private. You can join communities share tags with people who have similar interests.

The good thing that I liked about the app was that it contains a WPS system for you if you are on your cellphone that can find the phone’s position indoors, within seconds and accurate to 15 feet. So members don’t have to hang around waiting on a GPS fix. When a WPS fix is not available, the mobile application falls back on GPS.

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image thumb60 Monitor your Projects Effectively   Getgoaling.com

We all must have made plans for this new year! To do this, do that, go there, etc etc. But how often do we monitor our plans and strictly follow them? Not that often. But worry not Getgoaling.com is a goal centric, social site which enables members to set goals and action plans, track their progress and share experience and help others.

Members having similar goals can come together by searching for goals tagged with relevant keywords. The site has a clean UI which I liked very much, leaving a simple but yet a powerful effect on the user.

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Now create quick polls – twtPoll

image thumb59 Now create quick polls   twtPoll

We all know how much important polls are in today’s era, be it collecting data for a famous Multinational or taking opinion in numeric terms about a person. Twtpoll is a new startup which enables you to make quick polls for FREE and collect, analyze data in result.

These polls could be integrated within facebook and twitter, so to get more responses globally. I really liked the results page, not just because it has fantastic UI, but also that the results are shown in a pie chart format in terms of percentages making the poll less boring.

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video296d0bc43ef2 Travelling? – Find cool new travel mates and connect   Yowtrip.

Are you a frequent traveler and would like to connect to new people on the same route to your destination? Yowtrip.com is a FREE social platform that connects you with other world travelers in your town or wherever your next destination will be!

The site also allows you to keep in touch with old friends, friends you’ve met while traveling and make new cool friends! Some unique features I would like to highlight are that you can:

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Xoost.com – Expand your Search…

image thumb58 Xoost.com – Expand your Search…

Ever wanted to know what others are searching in live? Xoost is a new startup which enables you to connect with other xoosters who are searching similar queries on the web and also contribute to the search relevance optimization for everybody!

The site integrates three search providers, Yahoo, Google and Live into the search results. I see the site as a content discovery site as well as a place to connect to people discussing interesting topics.

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